Hospital Flower Delivery Brisbane

What To Know When Sending Flowers To Loved Ones In Hospital

We know how sensitive and stressful a time it is to have a loved one in hospital. It can be really daunting and as someone close to the person, you can feel helpless as they receive treatment or care.

Even when your loved one is popping in for an elective surgery or a procedure that will better their health, you may still, naturally, feel stressed. So, you will probably want to do something to help, or at least brighten their day.

Sending a beautiful arrangement flowers with a lovely, personalised card can give them a sense of comfort and company. It’s also just a really lovely way to let the person know you care.

As well as all of that though? Some vibrant blooms will add more happiness to their day, brightening up their room with natural colour. 

Hospitals we deliver flowers to in Brisbane

Below are the neighbouring Brisbane hospitals which we deliver to

  • Brisbane Private Hospital
  • St Andrew's War Memorial Hospital
  • St Vincent’s Private Hospital
  • The Wesley Hospital
  • Westside Private Hospital 
  • Toowong Private Hospital
  • Greenslopes Private Hospital
  • Queensland Children’s Hospital (Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital)
  • Mater Hospital
  • Mater Mothers’ Hospital
  • Mater Private Hospital
  • New Farm Clinic
  • North West Private Hospital
  • Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Prince Charles Hospital
  • Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital
  • Royal Children's Hospital

The impacts of COVID-19

COVID-19 and the restrictions that come with it have meant it’s become more difficult to just pick up and take off to the hospital to visit a loved one, especially if you are interstate.

With this difficulty of visiting loved ones in hospital due to COVID-19 and the varying local restrictions that come with it, you may want to send flowers instead. 

We are a Spring Hill florist servicing Brisbane and the Greater Brisbane area. We provide hospital flower delivery and have the positive relationships to get these delivered to the perfect locations.

If your loved one has been in the hospital for an extended period of time, they may begin feeling quite alone. A bunch of flowers and a beautiful card will provide them with some comfort through this time.


Choose Spring Hill Florist for your Hospital Flower Delivery

Not every florist will provide hospital flower delivery. Delivering flowers to the hospital is a specialist service, due to the nature of how these need to be delivered. 

Spring Hill Florist specialises in hospital flower delivery and we understand the protocols surrounding delivery. This will help you feel rest assured that your loved one will receive their flowers.


Our Tips For Having Flowers Delivered To Hospitals


We find that blooms arranged in a box or vase / vessel are best suited for hospital deliveries as they can be conveniently displayed.

Choose bright and cheerful colours or find out what your loved one’s favourite flowers are.

Due to the nature of hospitals, there’s a lot of white and any colour you do see is very clinical. It can add to the low feelings that come with a prolonged stay in hospital.

Be sure to pick up a colourful bouquet of flowers to add some colour to their space and really make their day. Or, find out what their absolute favourite flowers are and get them delivered!


Ask your florist for hypoallergenic blooms to prevent any irritation.

It’s very important not to introduce allergens into places like hospitals. Many people don’t know this, but not all flowers are made equal. 

If you have allergies, there’s a whole variety of flowers that won’t trigger that hay fever response. 

Pansies, peonies, roses, orchids, hydrangeas and carnations are just a handful of hypoallergenic flowers.


Include a personalised card or message with the bunch to make it extra special.

Hospital stays are boring at best, so provide your loved one with something extra special. We find heartfelt cards and lovely, encouraging messages can really lift hospital patients’ spirits. 

You can wish them a speedy recovery and let them know you’re thinking of them. Or, you can provide something more personal and humorous, to help cheer them up.


Details To Check Before Your Hospital Flower Delivery 


Make sure you have the correct delivery information.

Make sure you know which bed, room and ward your loved one is in on the date of delivery. Patients in hospitals are sometimes moved around for a myriad of reasons so if you wait a couple of days, there is a possibility that your loved one’s details or location will have changed already. It can be really tricky for hospital administration to find the exact location of the patient and for the florist to find the correct reception area in the hospital.


Make sure the hospital takes deliveries.

Most hospitals across the Brisbane area will accept flower deliveries but it may depend on the area of the hospital your loved one is in. 

As an example, flowers are strictly prohibited in Intensive Care Units (ICUs) due to the nature of the patients and the care provided. Therefore your recipient will receive the arrangement after they come out of ICU. 

We are Spring Hill Florist, a team of florists passionate about supporting you and your loved one with hospital flower delivery. We provide same-day delivery to all Brisbane Hospitals ordered prior to 1pm or otherwise advised.